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Be the Next One!

… The road to advancement as a hockey professional starts with TPH-Detroit

Is your goal to follow a path taken by various former TPH-Detroit team members who are now working full time at the junior, collegiate and professional levels in coaching and player development?  What about perhaps climbing the TPH ladder and eventually taking on the role of Director?  If you have a hockey instruction background, an appetite for recruiting and a passion for mentoring student-athletes on and off the ice, we want to know about you, as TPH is in search of a Head of Hockey for its Detroit division…  Heads of Hockey translate our TPH-wide vision of developing Hockey-Athletes into reality by implementing training curriculum, designing daily practice plans for our TPH Academy and supporting programs, and invest time in helping our athletes acquire and develop the skills, habits, concepts and details needed for success in today’s game.     

This position comes with a competitive salary and full benefits.  

Education, Experience, and Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field and/or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 2+ years of hockey related experience preferred
  • Ability to communicate effectively and teach/coach others
  • Computer skills including MS Office and ability to learn other software programs utilized by TPH


The essential functions of the position include but are not limited to the following:

Culture, Mentorship and Impact Functions

  • Support and enforce all TPH, member or partner association (if applicable) and USA Hockey guidelines related to student-athlete safety, health and overall well-being.
  • Oversee a quality culture thar promotes work ethic, discipline and acceptance, and hold student-athletes accountable to a high standard that promotes these traits.
  • Take interest in each individual as a player, athlete, student and person, and establish touchpoints with all individuals under your tutelage, so as to forge a strong partnership, one that is built on honesty and trust.
  • Demand that student-athletes be punctual, focused and invested for all activities, and be prepared to do the same as an adult mentor.
  • Take a vested interest in overall student-athlete wellness and utilize the TPH-Kinduct app as much as possible to (1) individualize and customize the overall experience and (2) initiate conversations that lead to positively impacting the lives of student-athletes.
  • Take interest in everything related to the culture within the Center of Excellence classroom and recognize that athletic and academic performance go hand-in-hand.
  • Care for and maintain a direct line of communication with the Strength & Conditioning Coach regarding the development of the Hockey-Athlete within each individual.
  • Ensure that all goaltenders are receiving quality instruction and mentorship from the Goaltending Coach.
  • Lead and/or participate in weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly performance review meetings.



  • Recruit competitive, high-character, quality hockey players in an ethical manner and comply with all recruiting directives.
  • Attend area tournaments, showcases and weekday games when and if necessary.
  • Evaluate player performance.
  • Build relationships and communicate with coaches, team managers and advisers regarding potential CoE attendees.
  • Build relationships and communicate with prospective CoE families.
  • Maintain a direct line of communication with non-hockey leaders regarding the recruitment of athletes from other sports.
  • Utilize TPH’s Hubspot CRM recruiting software and comply with all directives.


On and Off-Ice Instructional Functions

  • Plan on and off-ice sessions consistent with TPH’s Hockey Development Model.
  • Support or lead video sessions, dynamic warm-ups and all other hockey/athletic activities.
  • Execute all training/practice plans.
  • Accumulate and log video of on-ice training sessions for instructional and continuous improvement purposes.
  • Oversee all secondary staff members and empower each individual to utilize his/her strengths to impact all student-athletes.
  • Participate in all TPH Hockey Development Collaboration meetings and contribute when asked.
  • Ensure all student-athletes are training in a safe, positive environment, one that is consistent with TPH and USA Hockey standards.


Visit https://totalpackagehockey.com/careers for more information on TPH, its programs and the Academy model.

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    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
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    TPH Detroit
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    Regular Full Time